Hunting Bobcat on our ranch is by far the most unpredictable, challenging and sometimes the most frustrating. There are so many uncontrolled factors and conditions that contribute to this hunt, each is unique. Hunts can take as long as half a day to 5 days and is definitely not a hunt for the faint of heart. The pursuit is a far greater thrill than the actual kill, but to harvest a Bobcat is certainly worth every minute and every effort expended.
On our ranch we have a fair number of cats, and usually is not a problem getting one up a tree or on a rock. These hunts are conducted with the use of highly trained and experienced hound dogs and boy what a thrill! In the state of Utah a hunter may take up to 6 bobcats per season. Bobcat pelts are worth any where from $30 to $600 and make beautiful mounts.

Bobcat Hunting Rates (per person)
3-day Bobcat hunt (1x1) - $1500

Tentative Hunt Dates
Utah Bobcat Hunts 11/17-02/13

Tentative License Fees - Resident/Non-Resident
Utah Bobcat - $5/$5 per tag (due with application)
Utah Bobcat (trapper ed. required) - $30/$155

Application Period
Apply Online @
For Questions call 1-(801)-538-4700
Or refer to

Bobcat Hunts Include: Lodging and meals in our campers or cabins, guiding, skinning, and trophy care.
Quality, taxidermy is available with a recommended taxidermist.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Division of Wildlife Resorces