Bull Elk (Non-landowner tag)

The state of Utah offers limited entry drawings for Bull Elk. The unit that our ranch lies within is called the South Slope/Diamond Mountain Unit. A person must put an application to the state for a drawing of one of these permits. If you draw we would love to take you hunting on our ranch, we have a good number of Elk on our property with some prospects of some very large bulls.
We offer a 5 day hunt with one guide per client. On our ranch you will be pleased to see large quantities and quality of Bull Elk. Clients average 98% harvest success with some customers passing up bulls 300+, while looking for that bull of a lifetime!!! We generally take bulls scoring 285 to 340 and most averaging 320. In any given 5 day period we figure that a person may view as many as 40 different bulls, pretty easy.

Application Period
Jan1 - Jan.31
Apply Online @ http://www.sci-nevada.com/webutapps/
For Questions call 1-(801)-538-4700
Or refer to http://www.wildlife.utah.gov/proclamations/
resident fees $280
non-resident fees $795.00

2010 Hunt #
Archery # 324
Any Weapon Early # 371
Any Weapon Late # 372
Muzzleloader # 399

2010 Season Dates
Bull Elk Hunts
Archery: Aug. 21-Sept. 17
Any Weapon Early: Sept. 18-Sept. 26
Any Weapon Late: Oct.9-Oct.21
Muzzleloader: Sept.29-Oct.7

Archery hunt # Any weapon earlyhunt # Any weapon late hunt# Muzzeloader hunt #

Bull Elk Hunting Rates (per person)
5-day 1x1- $5500.00

Bull Elk Hunts Include: Lodging and meals in our campers or cabins, guiding, skinning, and trophy care.
Quality, taxidermy is available with a recommended taxidermist.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Division of Wildlife Resorces